30 Years and the New Products Just Keep Coming at Markers, Inc.

To say that the more things change at Markers, Inc, the more they stay the same would be a cliché, except for the fact that the statement resonates with profound accuracy. For thirty years, the company has been changing the way golf course superintendents, property managers, event coordinators and even homeowners mark, fence and visually enhance their property. Yet for all the innovation and new ideas that Markers, Inc., has brought to the marketplace, in many important ways, the company remains the same, consistently delivering concepts and products that are reliable, durable, affordable and flexible by design.

This year, as Markers, Inc., celebrates its thirtieth anniversary, the company is rolling out a new look for golf course markers and signage. With the introduction of trademarked VERSALINE multipurpose signs for tee and course markers, Markers, Inc. now offers a product that not only meets the needs of most golf courses for in-ground, on-course or event signage, but also is long lasting and reusable as well.

What Makes VERSALINE ™ Signs So Well Suited for Golf Course Use?

Versaline signs from Markers, Inc., are appropriate for a multitude of applications and can be reused in countless ways for years of economically repurposed signage. Throughout many seasons of sun, rain and wind, these signs will maintain the high standards of style and appearance golf course owners and members demand.

Versaline is crafted through a heat and pressure extrusion process that involves overlay cladding. The result of the process is a two-millimeter thickness of polyethylene (the core) bonded between two outer layers of bright white aluminum skin, each of which is also two millimeters in thickness. The final product is a one-quarter inch thick sheet that is smooth, resilient and ideally suited for outdoor signage.

Offered by Markers, Inc. in two standard sizes, a 10” x 5” rectangle and a 6” diameter circle, the signs can be custom cut to other sizes or die cut to any shape. Designed to be inserted directly into the ground, the signs and the built-in spikes that support them are cut from a single, seamless piece of the clad aluminum material, creating zero risk that the sign and its support spike will become loose or separated.

Customers can submit their designs to Markers, Inc. as an editable vector art file (.pdf, .tif, .jpeg, or .eps). They also have the option to submit their ideas or sketches with their order and for a nominal one-time fee, the graphic designers at Markers, Inc., will create a design file that captures the client’s vision. All colors are available, as well as all designs and any dye cut shape.

Signs can be either single or double-sided. The art for each sign is produced as an easy-to-apply decal that is shipped already affixed. Customers who prefer to add the decal artwork themselves or who are updating an existing sign can add the durable vinyl artwork decal themselves.

Markers, Inc., President, Dale Hlavin, described the process. He said, “We use an air-release Arlon ‘decal material’ that is peeled off a backing, so in that regard it is peel and stick. However, the Arlon is a very durable high-grade vinyl that is best applied using a bit of soapy water to accurately adjust positioning. It is then squeegeed in place onto our aluminum sign material.

“This adhesion technique or method of application ensures that the decal is clean and smooth, with no wrinkles or air bubbles. If the golf course superintendent finds that the sign needs to be updated or used for a different event, the decal can be removed with a little elbow grease…kind of a forceful peel or, as we most often suggest, the superintendent can reuse the sign, applying up to three layers (additional decals) without peeling away any of the previous ones. Either method will work just fine.”

The decals are UV stabilized, weather resistant and remarkably long lasting. Dale likens the material to the pin striping or racing stripes applied to an automobile, which withstand harsh environmental conditions yet retains their integrity through the years.

Markers, Inc.’s Versaline signs come with a seven-year warranty on their UV stability. Through a pilot program already in place, Versaline signage has two years of field tested durability at golf courses, and those projects still look as fresh and new as they did the day the signs were installed.

Increasing the affordability of reusable signs is the fact that Markers, Inc., is committed to keeping the entire process inexpensive by functioning as a virtual sign shop. Markers, Inc. is a sign shop in cyberspace for golf course superintendents who are ready to update or reuse a sign.

Dale explained, “Most sign shops charge an arm and a leg for a replacement or new decal. We have the lasers and the trained staff to produce your signs; we are a virtual or online sign shop. We will transform a blank sign into any message a client wants. And because we truly appreciate our customer, we show it by making new decals at very reasonable prices. Our policy is, ‘You are our customer, and we want to keep you.’”

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Signage Plus Flags Expand Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Versaline signs are ideal for directional signage, tee or yardage markers identifying ground under repair and communicating other information or warnings that superintendents need to share. The signs also serve as an affordable way to extend a golf course’s brand. One of the most engaging and profitable ways to put Versaline signs to work at a golf course is during a special event.

Whether the event is a tournament, a club fitting day or a private party at the clubhouse, flexible signage makes sense—dollars and sense! Tournament managers can sell branded course marking and hole sponsorship signage to tournament participants and then easily and economically resell the same sign for the next event, incurring only the cost of the new decal to rebrand the sign.

Expanding this opportunity is the option to sell custom printed golf flags as an additional sponsorship item or to sell the flags bundled with the Versaline sign to maximize profit. Markers, Inc. offers 20” x 14” golf flags, dyed for high-intensity and long-lasting color through a heat activated, dye sublimation process. Using Dacron fabric, which is considered to be among the best and most durable flag substrates available, custom dye sublimation flags are printed edge to edge.

The dye sublimation process heat sets UV protected inks directly into the Dacron material to achieve exacting imagery and the highest quality print capabilities. This process transforms the white Dacron material into the colors of the design, penetrating over sixty percent of the fiber, thereby enabling a reverse image show-through and resulting in a crisp and vibrant design.

Markers, Inc. flags can carry any logo, icon or sponsor branding and can be reproduced in, and up to, 8000 colors, plus gradients. Because the dye is heat infused into the fiber, these flags are long lasting for on course use or as an event keepsake. They are even available in a soft sleeve option that is ideal for framing.

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Problems Solved!

Since 1987, the leaders at Markers, Inc. have looked beyond the sale of products. They have identified themselves as problem solvers and remained committed to the delivery of flexible, affordable solutions for their customers.

Innovative new materials and processes, like those that have given rise to reusable Versaline signage, have allowed the company to grow far beyond the founder’s original vision. However, Dale Hlavin is quick to point out, “We are always looking for new solutions to offer. Our customers dictate the use of our products, so we stay connected to the changing needs of golf course superintendents. We keep it simple. We just don’t have the bureaucracy that other companies have, and that’s not going to change.”

To learn more about Versaline multipurpose tee and course markers, visit

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