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Since 1970, Aqua Control, Inc. has been manufacturing water feature products. Starting with floating aerators and fountains to now having one of the broadest product lines in the industry to benefit any type of water body, Aqua Control, Inc. has what you need. While providing quality water feature products that produce a high degree of visual beauty and functionality, we still hold on to our commitment to provide the highest quality customer service and technical support in the industry.

Through the years, Aqua Control, Inc. has remained committed to extensive engineering to develop innovative new products with an emphasis on pumps that produce high volumes and high pressures, therefore capable of producing large patterns. In more recent years, having reached pump design and efficiency goals, ACI has refocused on motor longevity and providing more affordable pump components. These focuses have led to the creation of the Select Series 2 and Endur Series. When combined with our highly engineered and efficient nozzles, ACI offers uniquely beautiful spray patterns with superior aeration capabilities. The Select Series 2 and Endur Series are available in horse powers from 1hp – 5hp.

ACI’s Titan Series floating fountains are perfect for large scale projects requiring maximum visual impact. These high horsepower fountains (ranging from 7.5hp – 40hp) create powerful, awe-inspiring displays.

If strictly aeration is what is required, Aqua Control, Inc. offers discrete aeration for a wide variety of water bodies. We offer multiple solutions to address water circulation, aeration and water quality. The Pond Bottom Circulator with its patented “sled” design is designed to sink below the surface towards the pond bottom. There are no noticeable signs at the surface that aeration is being provided except for the float finder showing where the unit is installed.

Another very popular way to aerate discretely is through diffused aeration. This option uses compressed air moving through diffusers creating a bubble screen to aerate the water. ACI offers Lake Bed Aeration for shallow and deep ponds, available with 1 to 6 diffusers. Our newest product line for diffused aeration is our “Tank” diffused aeration system. This is great for fisheries and large water tank displays.

Aqua Control, Inc. has taken great pride in building our Waterfall Pump Systems. Do you have an area of landscape that would look great with a waterfall? ACI Waterfall Pump Systems range from 1hp – 40hp with mount choices for use in wet wells, on solid pads, on pond bottoms, or even for the popular pond-less design. ACI Tech Support can even assist with sizing in order to achieve the optimum effect and reliability of your expectations.

To enhance water features even more, Aqua Control, Inc. offers a variety of lighting options to create a dramatic water feature scene at night, including the energy efficient, long lasting LED lighting. Why limit the enjoyment of a water feature? With our range of lighting options to choose from, you can make your water feature the envy of the neighborhood.

ACI offers a biological product line called the PREDATOR LINE. These new non-toxic microbial and bacterial blends are custom formulated for maximum efficiency at select water temperatures. These products enable you to start treating your water body at a water temperature of 41° F (5°C), allowing you to get a jump start on water clarity and pond health earlier in the season. The micronutrients, bio stimulants and bacterial cultures in each blend are selected for their exponential activity levels at each specific temperature range. This guarantees each product’s maximum efficiency throughout the season:
Glacial Predator for colder water temperatures, Natural Predator for warmer water temperatures and Thermal Predator for those dog days of summer water temperatures.

Aqua Control, Inc. is continuously striving to meet your water feature needs while helping preserve one of our planet’s most precious resources, water. Our efforts allow us to provide the most reliable and efficient water features in the industry. Whether it is re-engineering current product lines to make them better or creating an entirely new line of water feature products, you never know what we are going to come up with next!


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