ADA Easy Stairs

Drawing on our 25 year background in pool access equipment, and meeting all the 2010 ADA Guidelines for Accessible Design, our new and fully compliant ADA Easy Stair offers a proven and economical solution for larger pools requiring a secondary means of pool access.

Experience has shown that our pool access products are being used proactively to develop new programs and income sources by serving a wider range of specific needs – including those with limited mobility, the elderly, and infirm – to the mom’s-to-be, pre-teens, and first-time recreation swimmers. Quick and easy removal with our dolly means that lap swim and competition swim meets aren’t compromised.

MODELS: available in Medium Blue (shown), Light Blue, and Safety Yellow
5-step: deck-to-floor measurement between 38” and 47”:
6-step: deck-to-floor measurement between 48” and 57”
NOTE: Triad Pool Measurement Guide and Instructions available.

General – 504 Stairways; 1009.6 Pool Stairs
Step height – rise ,,,,,.., 9-3/4”, all steps
Step depth … run ,,,,,,…11-1/8”, nosing to nosing
Overhang ,,,,,,,,…,1-1/4”, sloped riser
Tread depth ,.,,,,.,,… 12-3/8” nose to riser
Nosing ,,,,,,,,,,, 3/8” radius, contrasting color
Bottom step ,,,,,,,,,.. 9” to 11”, var. for pool floor pitch
Top entry platform ,,,,,,….0” to 11” above deck, var. for pool depth
Non-skid treads ,,,,,,,.. contrasting color, all treads and entry platform

Handrails – 505 Handrails
Clearance between handrails ,. 23”
Handrail height ,,,,,,,.. 34” above entry platform and tread nosing
Handrails (2),,,,,,,,,. continuous, entry platform to bottom step
Upper handrail extension ,,, 18” back from top stair nosing
Handrails ,,,,,,,,,,. 1.9” white, non-conductive, reinforced

NEC 680.26 Equipotential Bonding
The fiberglass ADA Easy Stair comes standard with custom white non-conductive handrails to comply with NEC pool codes, and requires no pool bonding.

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