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For 32 years Golf Course Trades has been mailed to superintendents and directors of golf every single month to every course in America. While proud of the impact the physical mailing has had on the industry, we have decided to eliminate the production of the hard-copy edition.


Golf Course Trades will be expanding ways in which companies can continue to reach our audience,” said the new Co-owner and Managing Director Carrie Vandever. “We’ll continue offering companies cloud-based access to the Directory for them to update their available inventory instantaneously. And of course, they will still be able to purchase banners, advertorials, and more on our website,, and in the e-newsletter, Golf Course Trades Weekly.  Our plans now include the ability to sponsor webinars and online, live interviews, upcoming eBooks, product branded videos, and other digital properties. We’ll be offering email marketing and the ability for companies to broadcast their messages through our social media activity, which we have not done before.”

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All Inclusive Distribution

2000+- visitors monthly

With over 30 years of experience, Golf Course Trades has unparalleled experience utilizing online marketing to promote our clients. Golf Course Trades is active on major social media platforms: FacebookTwitterLinkedin, and Instagram. We continuously socialize all industry news. Our active online marketing is to drive more business to advertisers. Please ‘follow,’ ‘friend,’ ‘like’ and join us on all social platforms for the full experience that Golf Course Trades offers.

Golf Course Trades Website Online
Golf Course Trades Weekly Newsletter

9,800+ emails

Newsletter goes out weekly with The Golf Course Trades Weekly Broadcast. Covering the industry where golf course superintendents rule. Emailed every Thursday, bringing articles and stories to your email inbox.

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Digital Marketing

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Annual Directory Listing

Materials for our 2 annual directory listing products should arrive 2 weeks prior to the start date so proof can be sent to the advertiser. 

Monthly Marketing

Digital marketing that has a monthly sale should arrive no later than the 10th prior to exposure. 

Dedicated eBlast

The dedicated eBlast HTML file should arrive 2 weeks prior to sending date. This allows time to clear any issues up with the client. If Golf Course Trades is to design eBlast a proof will be sent to the client 2 weeks prior as well.

Product Slideshow Video

Golf Course Trades will design product slideshow video 2 weeks prior to the date of launch and send it to the client for approval. If the client provides a finished product it is also due 2 weeks prior. 

Sponsored Content

Materials for sponsored content need to arrive 2 weeks prior to the article launch date. 

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Favorite Package
$ 1000 Per Year
  • Company Homepage
  • 20 Category Listings
  • 500 Inventory Listings
  • 4 Articles
  • 4 Videos
All You Need to Start
$ 500 Per Year
  • Company Homepage
  • 10 Category Listings
  • 250 Inventory Listings
  • 1 Articles
  • 1 Videos

Email Marketing

9,800+ Verified email recipients
Consistent 26+% Open Rate
and 10% Click Rate

Header Banner
4x in 1 month
$ 1250 Monthly
  • Company Homepage
Footer Banner
4x in 1 month
$ 750 Monthly
  • Company Homepage
Dedicated Blast
1x a month
$ 1250 Monthly
  • Company Homepage

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300 x 250 Website Banner
$ 500 Monthly
300 x 150 Website Banner
$ 300 Monthly
Golf Course Trades Website Online

Sponsored Content

$ 1700
$ 1000
  • Company Homepage
$ 100
  • Company Homepage

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