AmeriTurf, Performance Nutrition announce distribution agreement

AmeriTurf and Performance Nutrition announced a distribution agreement between the two firms. Under the agreement, AmeriTurf will distribute Performance Nutrition’s turf fertility and disease control products to the golf course and sports field industries. AmeriTurf’s distribution network ranges from California to North Carolina and south.

“There are certain products, unique to Performance Nutrition, that provide solutions to issues that our customers face that we were previously unable to address,” said Jordon Droll, vice president of AmeriTurf. “This is very important to us as our company motto promises: Your success is our priority. We feel that by adding the Performance Nutrition portfolio to our product line that we will be better able to help our customers to succeed.”

Through the agreement, AmeriTurf will make Performance Nutrition’s products available to their golf course superintendent and sports turf manager customers. Among those products are:

— KaPre RemeD8 patented seed treatment and fertilizer additive that delivers beneficial microbes, improves soil structure and enhances fertilizer uptake.

— KaPre Exalt blend of concentrated fulvic acid and naturally derived plant-based surfactants. KaPre ExAlt releases nutrients and micronutrients tied up in the soil while it corrects compacted soils and flushes sodium from the root zone.

— Nutrol environmentally friendly bio-pesticide, tank buffer and water soluble fertilizer.

The agreement between AmeriTurf and Performance Nutrition is a win for both companies and their customers, said Don Pucillo, president of Performance Nutrition.

“The agreement allows for wider distribution of our unique, patented products to get them into the hands of golf course superintendents and sports turf managers in more regions of the country,” Pucillo said.

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