Aquatrols partners with Bayer Environmental Science in Australia (Aug 25)

August 25, 2015 – Aquatrols has announced a new distribution partnership with Bayer Environmental Science that will significantly expand the company’s presence in Australia. The deal will provide greater solutions, innovations and support for turf managers across Australia, according Matthew Bywater, international accounts manager for Aquatrols in the Pacific Rim.

“As our science and product range has developed beyond simply controlling dry patch and into greater rootzone management, so has the need to further support and research our products on a localized basis,” Bywater said. “Working with Bayer will allow us to address the specific needs of Australia’s turf managers.”

Peter Kirby, turf market manager for Bayer Environmental Science in Australia, expressed similar optimism about the deal.

“We pride ourselves on supplying Australia’s turf managers with the products and services they need to produce optimum playing conditions,” Kirby said. “Over the past 60 years, Aquatrols has shown a strong commitment to research and development and a genuine concern for their customers. We are pleased to partner with them to provide Australia’s turf managers with products that are backed up by sound science and research.”

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