Beneficial for soil structure, plant health and growth

Rocky Mountain Bio Products is a company that offers high-quality sustainable, natural, organic fertilizers and soil amendments that are beneficial for soil structure, plant health and plant growth. These products are research-proven in the field and in the laboratory, and have achieved award-winning results around the world. Rocky Mountain Bio Products have proven results for golf course construction and maintenance, mining and superfund reclamation, post fire regeneration, road construction revegetation, landscape applications and fertilization and agriculture.

Biosol Forte is a natural, environmentally safe fertilizer with high-organic content, and it is a long-acting, slow-release fertilizer with a well-blended nutrient ratio which stimulates micro organisms. Biosol Forte is dried, pelletized, and bagged for convenient transportation, storage and application. This fertilizer accommodates the need for a slightly faster nitrogen release rate. In some cases this attribute, combined with a lower price, offers an attractive alternative to Biosol 6-1-1.

Biosol Forte promotes a healthy balance of microbes, insuring quality soil structure, long-term plant health and plant growth. It was developed in the same way slow-release vitamins were developed by humans. Biosol Forte’s slow uniform release mimics the natural growing cycle of plants, making nutrients more readily available for root absorption.

“Biosol 6-1-1 is the original product and is listed as an OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) product that can be used for organic crop production,” said Rocky Mountain Bio Products’ Tom Bowman. “It is the by-product of the penicillin manufacturing process which leaves it as a 96 percent beneficial fungal biomass (dry mycelium) that is natural in healthy soils. The Biosol Forte is a combination of products that the manufacturer produced to developed a balanced organic fertilizer that consists of beneficial bacterial and fungal biomasses. The Biosol Forte is 48 percent beneficial fungal biomass and 48 percent beneficial bacterial biomass. By combining the two types of beneficial biomasses an ‘all-purpose natural organic fertilizer’ was developed … a fertilizer/soil amendment that may be used in lawns, golf courses, native and wetland projects.”

Tom continued, “We know that grasses prefer to grow in a 1:1 bacterial to fungal ratio. Then not only is the Biosol Forte a fertilizer, but it is also acts as a long-term soil amendment/soil conditioner. It is able to unlock soil nutrients, retain moisture, feed the soil and develop humus much faster than natural succession does. Due to the fermentation process that the raw materials go through, the nutrients have been organically bound so that nutrients will take much longer to release into the soils for soil use and plant consumption. It has the ability to stimulate nutrient cycling, activate poor, depleted soils and provide the organic matter and long-lasting nutrients to establish long-term plant growth.”

Due to the fermentation process of the raw plant material, the nutrients are organically bound differently than any other product on the market. Therefore, Biosol has other abilities to develop humus much faster than natural succession. It is an organic fertilizer that is derived from fermented plant material and does not contain any animal by-product, or sewage sludge. This fertilizer was originally cattle feed and fish food.

All natural and environmentally balanced
A 100 percent organic, long-lasting fertilizer with soil-improving benefits, Biosol has a balanced nutrition ratio and supplies the plant with micro and macronutrients throughout the entire growing period. The high percentage of organic material in Biosol improves the humus content of the soil in addition to providing quality nutrients for plants. Building organic matter and humus allows soil to become active, making nutrients readily available for absorption.

Without quality nutrients like nitrogen, all fertilizers are the same. Soil is enriched, root structure is strengthened and the vitality of turf is increased, while strengthening the plants resistance against disease. Biosol lacks salt and is therefore suitable for greenhouse plants and arid/low-precipitation areas. The risk of nitrate leaching is very low because of the organic fixation of nitrogen, providing the ultimate use of nutrients. Biosol is a safe and ecological fertilizer because of the selected raw materials and vitamins.

Promoting healthy soil and plants
In addition to being 100 percent natural and environmentally balanced, Biosol promotes good health for plants and soil. Biosol was developed the same way slow-release vitamins were developed for humans. Biosol’s slow uniform release formula will not burn seed or existing vegetation and does not require watering after the application, but water is required to start Biosol working. Nutrients are released continuously throughout the growing cycle, thereby reducing maintenance costs associated with faster-releasing fertilizers, which require numerous applications. Because of the well-balanced organic content, nutrients are more readily available for root absorption, rather than being bound in the soil or leached out. One key factor of Biosol is its ability to promote a healthy balance of microbes, insuring the long-term green color and health of turf and plants while controlling thatch.

Benefits the entire landscaping
Biosol also benefits trees, shrubs and flowers. Because trees and several types of foliage surround many properties, Biosol is safe to be used, and in most cases, it will benefit all the foliage as well. This is why Biosol is ideal for use in the landscaping and development of new golf courses, parks, sports facilities and commercial and residential landscaping. There are several types of other fertilizers that cannot be used in areas that are surrounded by trees and shrubs. This is not the case with Biosol. Biosol is safe and beneficial to all types of landscape and foliage.

Produces rich, healthy color
One of Biosol’s greatest strengths is its ability to generate a natural healthy green lawn, critical to turf and golf course management. Biosol users have found that customers appreciate the turf’s quality and playability. Strong, healthy, rich turf and soil leads to less disease in turf.

Long lasting
With Biosol and its repeated use, turf managers fertilize less often and in some cases may only have to fertilize once a year. Depending upon the application rate, Biosol promotes one to two fertilizations per year rather than the traditional one to two times per month. Because you are building soil nutrients rather than depleting them, you receive benefits from Biosol year after year.

One of the primary benefits of Biosol is that it requires fewer resources. Its unusually rich blend of natural plant nutrients and vitamins requires only one to two applications per year. Fertilization programs for trees, shrubs and flowers can be reduced, as well, if not totally eliminated.

Usable applications
In all multiple and maintenance applications the first application should always be a little bit heavier. Biosol is a proven product for enhancing all types of landscape. Superior results have been achieved in golf courses around the world, sports fields, recreational facilities, commercial and residential lawns, gardens, flowers, trees, wood and forest cultivation, revegatation of ski runs and slopes and many different forms of agricultural farming (viticulture, silviculture, etc.). Biosol is frequently used for both primary and secondary fertilization and for stimulating soil microorganisms. Biosol can be dry broadcast or applied with a hydroseeder.

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