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Bernhard and Company Announces Product Enhancements

Bernhard and Company Turf Equipment

Bernhard and Company – manufacturer of Bernhard Grinders, the world’s finest blade sharpening systems for turf cutting machines – announces recent enhancements to several models.

The Anglemaster 4000 and 4000DXi now offer a choice of configuration allowing the manufacturer’s datum point to be used to achieve recommended bedknife angles. Other highlights include two new, side-by-side drawers at the front of the machine, ideal for keeping important tools and accessories organized and close at hand. This user-friendly arrangement shifted the coolant reservoir and main electrics to the left and right legs, respectively. These redesigned legs also allow machines to be moved with a pallet jack rather than a forklift.

All Express Dual and Dual Master models now feature improved lift tables that do not require platform extensions. This modification is especially useful for machines mounted on wheel kits. In addition, the Express Dual 4000, like its Anglemaster 4000 and 4000DXi counterparts, has an hours-run meter that displays when the machine is turned on. A loose reel kit for the Dual Master is also new.

“Continuous improvement and never resting on laurels are long-time Bernhard traits,” says Steve Nixon, International Sales Manager for Bernhard. “We’re confident these enhancements to our category-leading products will make them even more indispensable to turf-care professionals worldwide.”

Updates that may seem relatively minor have a significant impact on machine performance and resulting turf health. Bernhard’s attention to detail is frequently cited by long-time partners as a primary motivator of their brand loyalty.

For additional information:, 888.474.6348 (888-GRIND-IT).

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