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Insects, soil compaction, drought, flooding, ice, thatch, mold, mildew, rodents, weeds, pythium, brown patch, fairy ring, rapid blight – yes, when you consider all the ways turf can be attacked (and, obviously, this list is far from complete!) it’s a wonder there is any healthy grass to be found…anywhere. But, thankfully, turf professionals have ways and means to counter the barrage…and keep the enemies at bay. For a growing number of golf course superintendents, a big part of that counter attack is the use of Micro Carbon Technology, which is found only in Huma Gro Turf liquid fertilizer products.

Michael Gardner

Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN), the parent company that makes Huma Gro Turf products (they make more than 70 products that the agricultural industry, mainly, has relied on for decades), is fast-becoming one of the go-to “weapons” in the turfgrass industry.

Thanks to their fairly recent re-entry into the turfgrass market in 2011 – highlighted by numerous examples where a wide variety of turf problems have been eliminated by their technology – Huma Gro Turf Products are definitely on the radar for golf course superintendents around the world. (The company is based in Gilbert, Arizona). While the company has made serious inroads in countries such as China, the turf products are still in the early stages of distribution and expansion in North America. To say there is serious growth potential for Huma Gro Turf products in the United States is a major understatement.

The main reason for this potential? Micro Carbon Technology. Indeed, besides having dozens of liquid fertilizer products that can counter nearly every turf problem in existence, the one factor that sets this company apart is this foundational ingredient. And, simply put, it works wonders.

The company, which began as the Sunburst Mining Company in 1973, got its start when the founders – Dr. Jordan Smith, Don Organ, and Delworth Stout – discovered a unique oxidized humate in a mine in Idaho. Realizing that this amazing humate-rich material was abundant in natural organic compounds and minerals, the founders worked on developing a proprietary process to extract acids, valuable minerals, and other organic components from this material. And this extract contains the base of Micro Carbon Technology – the key component to virtually all of their products.

“The variety of turf issues that confront superintendents around the globe is mind-boggling,” says Michael Gardner, the Director of US Sales for Huma Gro Turf. “And I’ve long since realized that golf course superintendents understand their situation better than anyone. Every situation is unique, and every situation requires a different approach. Thankfully, whether its heat stress, compaction, disease, or anything else out there, we have a product that can deal with it. Our Micro Carbon Technology can be combined with many other chemicals and products to deal with, basically, anything that a superintendent is confronted with.”

And Gardner, a former turf grower himself, understands the challenges first-hand. “I was a grower for 20 years and I realized, the hard way, that conventional fertilizers weren’t working. My fertilizer was getting tied up in the soil and my plants weren’t healthy. The soil wasn’t absorbing water. Thanks to excess runoff containing chemical fertilizers, I had legal issues with the EPA that needed to be resolved. Then a friend introduced me to Micro Carbon Technology and it was a true game-changer. My business changed dramatically for the better. And I believe there are hundreds of superintendents out there who will benefit with this technology.”

So what, exactly, are the positive effects that Micro Carbon Technology is responsible for? Not surprisingly, they are numerous. And it would be an exhaustive exercise to unpack all of its virtues. But, long story short, it’s the catalyst for sustainable soil fertility, ultra-efficient turf nutrition, optimal hormone management, and zero-residue turf protection.

In terms of soil fertility – perhaps the most important aspect to unpack – Micro Carbon Technology stimulates naturally occurring soil biology and changes the physical soil characteristics by releasing tied-up nutrients in all soil types. It also increases root mass development naturally (up to 25%) and dramatically improves water penetration and retention.

“Obviously, for many superintendents, water is a critical issue. And it will continue to be on the forefront in the years to come. Our products have saved courses thousands of dollars in water costs,” says Gardner. “Pooling and excess runoff is a major concern and comes with a high price these days. And Micro Carbon Technology can significantly alleviate this water waste. Similarly, the cost savings from not having to apply additional chemicals and fertilizers can be huge. For some courses, the water and fertilizer cost savings has been a life saver.”

Keeping with the “environmental” theme, another significant benefit of Micro Carbon Technology is the fact that it does not create environmental hazards and has zero public health concerns. There are no harmful chemical residues or contaminants when it is applied (and, of course, it mixes well with most other nutrient solutions and liquid applications). Minimal personal protection is necessary during application and there are zero re-entry requirements.

With the sheer number of nasty, turf-killing diseases, intrusive insects and pests, and numerous other “attackers” Mother Nature can throw at you, having an effective way to fight back is key to a superintendent’s survival. Perhaps a little Micro Carbon Technology in your holster is going to make a big difference the next time you find yourself squaring off for a turf fight.

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