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BioPro Line of Products Receives Registration Approval in CA.

Arborjet and Ecologel Solutions

Arborjet & Ecologel are pleased to announce that eleven products within the BioPro® Technologies line have been approved in California. The products include:

  • Bio MP™ 5-3-2
  • Enviro K™ 0-0-30
  • GreensPlus™ 14-4-10
  • Iron Plus Mn™ 12-0-0
  • Multi-Purpose Plus™ 4-0-2
  • Na-X™ Soil Salt Flush 5-0-0
  • NutriSolve™ 
  • Tuff Greens™ 0-0-13
  • SeaXtra™ Nutritional Supplement 1-0-3
  • SeaXtra™ Water Penetrating Pellet
  • Spectrum™ 8-0-0

The BioPro line was originally developed by The Toro® Company in 1994 as a collection of specialty liquid nutrients, designed to provide prescriptive fertility options based on soil analysis and tissue testing. Over the years, the line has changed hands, grown and evolved. Now owned by Ecologel Solutions, the line provides a variety of specialty NPK blends, micronutrients, seaweed extracts, and soil remediation products to address specific issues, as well as nutrition and soil management for installation and year round plant maintenance. 

“Our partnership with Arborjet and their nationwide sales team, has provided the opportunity to increase our marketing and distribution channels, as well as expand state registrations for the BioPro line,” remarks Ecologel’s Director of Marketing, Sarah Spatola. “The BioPro line provides options to fit any agronomic program and budget, and we’re pleased that golf course superintendents, sports field managers, and landscape professionals in California will now have the opportunity to experience the superior quality and affordability the line offers.” 

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About Arborjet & Ecologel:

Ecologel Solutions LLC is a long-standing, premier developer and manufacturer of innovative products for water conservation, dust mitigation, plant nutrition, pond and lake management, and protective barrier treatments. In 2018 Ecologel partnered with Arborjet, Inc. to offer an expanded lineup of environmentally responsible plant healthcare products which broaden the expert resources they provide.Arborjet is the leading plant health care company focused on providing the most effective formulations and delivery systems to protect trees, shrubs, and plants from a wide variety of insect, disease, and nutritional concerns.Together, both companies are backed by years of research and provide the most effective and environmentally responsible treatment options available anywhere. As premier solutions providers, they are committed to advancing the industries they serve through thought leadership, product and technology development, scientific research, and exceptional customer service.

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