BioSafe Systems’ New Turf & Ornamental Rep

BioSafe Systems is pleased to introduce Alice Roberts as our new Turf & Ornamental Technical Sales Representative for the California territory. A former sales representative for Target Specialty Products, a chemical distribution company for the Turf & Ornamental industry in California, Alice has extensive experience within the turf and horticulture market. Alice will work to help develop, expand, and maintain opportunities in the Turf and Ornamental market for California. As well as being a valuable resource for customers, Alice will strengthen BioSafe Systems’ relationships with distribution partners and help train distribution sales professionals on BioSafe Systems products and services.

Alice Roberts comes to BioSafe Systems with over 30 years of experience in the California Turf & Ornamental market and her strengths include extensive knowledge of pest management practices, solid understanding of the California Turf and Ornamental industry and the unique challenges this industry faces, and a passionate focus on providing superior customer service for both our distribution partners and retail customers. Alice is a Cal-Poly graduate with a focus in Ornamental Horticulture and is a licensed Pest Control Advisor.

Alice is based in Fullerton, California, and can be reached at 714-381-8775, or by email at

About BioSafe Systems, LLC
BioSafe Systems, LLC is the manufacturer of disease control solutions such as ZeroTol Broad Spectrum Algaecide/Fungicide, OxiDate Broad Spectrum Bactericide/Fungicide and GreenClean Granular Algaecide. With a presence in the agriculture, animal health, post harvest, horticulture, turf, retail, and aquatics industries, BioSafe Systems will continue growing with the release of new products and solutions to meet the disease-control needs of homeowners and professionals alike.

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