Broken Sound Club gets green nod from GEO

Executive Summary

This expansive ‘5 Star Platinum Club of America’ in the social hub of Boca Raton is known for its discriminating members and for its cutting edge sustainability accomplishments. The steadfast mission of the club’s sustainability leaders, including the President of the Club Executive Committee, the Club Manager, and the Director of Golf, is to embrace the business value of sustainability in club management. As a mark of good leadership, this mission has been fully adopted by over 350 multinational staff and well over 1,500 club members.

Accomplishments at Broken Sound are broad and deep, touching on every aspect of club operations and maintenance, and revealed through careful research and rigor of process to find and act on sustainable solutions. A key to success at Broken Sound is the management’s commitment to staff training and frequent communication with members and the community. From maintaining a vividly clear sustainability vision while balancing multifaceted expectations, to realizing measureable business value, Broken Sound is blazing ahead with sound, innovative leadership in sustainable golf club management.

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