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According to one of my go-to sources (the always-credible Google), a mature maple tree can have 200,000 leaves. During a 60-year life cycle this tree will shed approximately 3,600 pounds of leaves. Of course, this is just one tree. Put a thousand of them onto a golf course and you’ve got a lot of foliage. And a lot of fall clean-up.

Without a doubt, cleaning up 200 million leaves every fall is no laughing matter. That’s a ridiculous amount of work. But not every golf course has a thousand maples. However, even if you’ve got a hundred leaf-bearing trees, a powerful leaf blower is going to make a daunting task a piece of cake.

Founded in 1945, Buffalo Turbine is the industry leader – and the pioneer – of turbine-style leaf and debris blowers. Thousands of courses – including many on the PGA Tour – have utilized their products to blow leaves, aeration cores, thatch, dust, dirt, and sand off greens, fairways, tee boxes, and cart paths. (Because leaves aren’t the only unwanted entities that need to cleaned up on a golf course!). The blowers also make quick work of drying greens that are covered with morning dew.

The 72-year old company prides itself in its proprietary turbine blower assembly. This is the cornerstone of their extensive blower product line. The unique design, specifically the 360-degree nozzle, revolutionized the sprayer and debris blower industries.

On a fall day in 1996, while testing a sprayer unit outdoors, they discovered that by rotating the nozzle at specific angles relative to the ground, a large swath of leaves and debris could be dispersed. Adjustable, multi-directional airflow proved incredibly effective. This key discovery – combined with their powerful, efficient, and virtually maintenance-free turbines, which are capable of producing a large volume of air and dispersing it at a consistent and significant velocity – opened the door for a host of products that have truly been game-changers for the golf and turfgrass industries.

The company, which is based in Springville, New York (just south of Buffalo), currently manufactures 14 different debris blowers. “Without a doubt, our tow-behind models are the most popular,” says Brian Singer, Marketing Manager at Buffalo Turbine. “They are the workhorses of the industry.” With smaller models perfect for the single homeowner to the BT Mega model (the most powerful turbine-style debris blower on the market), they have it all covered.

The company also manufactures PTO, electric, skid-mounted, hydraulic, diesel, and front-mounted models. Other standard features of the blowers are Kohler engines, nozzle options for specific applications, heavy-duty frame construction, wireless nozzle/throttle control, and skid-mount capability.

Not surprisingly, given the quality and versatility of these products, many other industries – including military, construction, demolition, paving, and agriculture – utilize their products. In fact, at last count over 20 different industries were using Buffalo Turbine debris blowers.

Interestingly, Buffalo Turbine blowers have proven to be invaluable for the US Military in the Middle East and other conflict zones. Their blowers are an ideal way for the military to do the dangerous work of uncovering and locating landmines. The powerful blowers can effectively remove surface layers and expose the life-threatening mines so they can be removed without detonating. No doubt numerous lives have been saved thanks to their blowers.

The company also builds various sprayers and dusters that can be used in a variety of industries and for various applications. Does your course have a mosquito problem? Pest problem? West Nile Virus concerns? Their sprayers could be the answer to manage and mitigate these issues.

Even though many companies have come along and tried to replicate their products, Buffalo Turbine products stand out. They have stood the test of time.

“For the past 70 years Buffalo Turbine has striven to produce American-made products, employ American workers, seek the highest quality standards, and implement decades of experience and engineering research and apply it to each of our products,” says Paul Syracuse, General Manager at Buffalo Turbine. “Over the years there have been a number of copy-cat companies that claim they have a better turbine blower. That’s simply not the case. Our cost-effective quality products, superior customer service, and proven track record are the main reasons why Buffalo Turbine continues to be the worldwide leader in this industry.”

Bottom line, when 200 million leaves come “falling,” you’re going to want a “proven” product. And throughout the year, on a daily basis, when paths and punched greens need clearing, a quality leaf and debris blower will pay for itself in spades. Given their track record, you’ll be in good hands with Buffalo Turbine.

For more information about how Buffalo Turbine can help you see their website at or call at (716)592-2700

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