Capillary Concrete at the Ryder Cup: Tuesday Update

Tuesday of Ryder Cup week, the teams have arrived, and Le Golf National is shining! And so, thankfully, is the sun, with the weather forecast excellent for the whole week.

Alejandro and his special Ryder Cup grounds crew – a total of around 175 greenkeepers from around the world – have been hard at work, fine tuning the golf course, with the large-scale work hopefully all done.

Each green is being measured for consistency three or four times a day, and the team then uses that data to adjust maintenance practices to keep all the greens as close to the same level of performance as possible.

Bunkers are continually being compacted and smoothed, using the process we showed you yesterday.

Lake and bunker edges, sprinkler heads and cart paths have all been edged, and artificial turf has been cut to fit into each sprinkler head and valve box around the greens.

The thick rough is being raked, and from now, no-one should be driving in the rough.

All the heavy lifting is done, and the team will focus on consistency and uniformity from now until the end of the event. Weather permitting!

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