CleanDrop Launches Portable Golf Ball Washer

CleanDrop Launches Portable Golf Ball Washer

CleanDrop, a Buffalo-based golf brand, is thrilled to unveil its flagship product, a premier portable golf ball washer. Designed to simulate the functionality of a traditional ball washer commonly found at the tee box of a golf course, CleanDrop has compressed this technology into a handheld device no bigger than a standard water bottle.

Since most golf courses have a limited number of (if any) stationary ball-washing stations, CleanDrop aims to equip all golfers with an infinitely accessible solution for maintaining ball performance and maximizing ball life.

CleanDrop designers utilized 3D printing to engineer the body of the device, which is constructed with a lightweight ABS filament known for its strength and shock resistance. Leveraging a proprietary, patent-pending precision dosing technology, the device holds and maintains liquid throughout dozens of washing cycles. The compact design is lined with turf pads to ensure a thorough scrub and a spotless ball after every pump. Built with mobility in mind, the device measures 6.5 inches in length and weighs less than a pound. What’s more, each CleanDrop comes outfitted with a carabiner clip for easy attachment to a golf bag or cart.

CleanDrop Chief Designer, John Boorady
CleanDrop Chief Designer, John Boorady

Using the CleanDrop is simple: “Just add water and it’s ready to go,” commented CleanDrop Chief Designer, John Boorady. The dirty ball is placed into the circular insert of the agitator. With one hand gripping the body of the device and the other hand on the handle, the user simply pumps up and down 2-3 times allowing the ball to brush against the internal turf pads. It’s a 5-second process that makes playing golf at a higher level more convenient than ever.

Every golfer knows the frustration of foraging through the brush looking for a lost ball and often coming out of the woods with a different one. Golf balls are easy to lose and expensive to replace – And that’s just the beginning of CleanDrop’s motivation to address this often overlooked side of the sport. “A big factor that many amateur golfers don’t realize is that a dirty ball can add strokes to your game,” said CleanDrop founder Evan Neal. Setting up every shot with a clean ball promotes a crisp ball strike, dynamic flight, and smooth roll.

With the launch of the CleanDrop, golfers can now bring the luxury of a traditional ball washer to anywhere their ball lands. As of today, CleanDrop is available for pre-order exclusively on Kickstarter. The final product is expected to be delivered by March 2022.

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