Commission approves new golf cart shed, maintenance building (Feb 13)

Feb 13, 2015 – To replace the golf cart shed destroyed in a storm last year, Hays city commissioners Thursday approved building a new one at a total cost of $49,980.

Quality Structures Inc. submitted the low bid of $45,980 for the “shell” of the building. The electrical work will be done separately, and city staff will complete the concrete work. According to Parks Director Jeff Boyle, the new shed will also bring new opportunities to the course. Boyle said the extra space will allow the golf course to host more tournaments.

“I think this building will allow us to increase our tournament revenues,” he said at Thursday’s regular commission meeting. “We lost one last year because we didn’t have enough space.”

Boyle said he expects the building to be completed by April 1.

The commission also moved forward with another new building – the total cost for the new utilities maintenance facility will be $300,000 and will be located south of the water treatment plant. The city plans to use the building to store equipment and water-sensitive vehicles, which will allow the department to open up some needed office space.

The new utilities building will look similar to this structure.

The building site is currently undergoing remediation, a process used to clean up soil contamination. The new facility has been a priority for several years, but the cleanup operation has stalled construction. The city leases the land but has the option to buy the property for $1 at the end of the lease in 2038.

Haselhorst Construction submitted the low bid of $285,700, and city staff will complete some of the concrete, stormwater and some other aspects of the project in-house.

“This is one of those things that’s just a matter of growth,” City Manager Toby Dougherty said. “The city has grown by 20 percent in population and 50 percent in land since the last time we expanded the utilities department.”


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