Cook family buys back US 23 golf course

March 17, 2016 – A desire by the Cook family to become more involved in Pickaway County golfing recently led them to purchase the golf course that will once again bear the family name.

‘We were busy with some other projects, and the family was more spread out the last time we sold the golf course, but now more of our family is around the home area and everyone in the family felt it was the right time to buy the course,’ Jim Cook said. ‘The grandkids were really pushing us to do it.’

This is the third time the Cook family has bought back the course, located at 16405 US Highway 23 South, which was co-designed by John Cook. The Cook family will officially take over the course on April 1.

The Cook family is looking forward to re-establishing ties with the community.

‘We want this course to be more involved in the community again,’ Cook said. ‘When Cathy Cook was running our first tee program here we had over 700 kids at one point, which made it one of the largest youth programs in the country at the time. We’ve had families calling to ask us to do the program again and we are going to do it again.

‘We’ll be hosting the youth program, high school events and other special events.’

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