Customer Service: Wiedenmann Goes Above and Beyond

We all take it for granted when we see a warranty on a piece of paper. You buy a new car. The warranty says “3 years or 36,000 miles.” You feel good at the time and hope that you’ll never have to see the dealer again. Alas! Your transmission goes bad; but it’s covered by the warranty. Hopefully they’ll do you a solid and fix it right. That’s what we hope for isn’t it? Quality service with a smile?

That is why I really want to praise Wiedenmann for their professional customer service. I purchased a  Super 600 that had been damaged by water via Hurricane Harvey. It was partially submerged but otherwise clean as a whistle. Unfortunately, this led to some wiring and connectivity issues which I had to correct for refurbishment.  Wiedenmann uses an electronic remote control to operate the system.  For the life of me I just couldn’t get the two controllers (tractor and attachment) to communicate after trying everything possible. The unit functioned flawlessly with power applied to the hydraulic coil packs. After trying every possible theoretical wiring conundrum I could think of for months I made several calls.  Wiedenmann  North America and Germany worked feverishly for me in getting the unit to communicate controller-to-controller and even went so far as to send the entire system back to Germany for bench testing. And they did it in record time too!  North American service tech Tom Blackwood of Blackwood Lawn Service, a former Weidenmann dealer and exceptional person, personally came to our warehouse and installed the entire unit to make sure it functioned flawlessly.

This is the exceptional service we would expect from a new purchase. The kind of warranty we would expect to get when we see the words “3 year /36000 mile warranty.”  Wiedenmann is a customer-focused company who makes a great product and is committed to customer satisfaction. I own three of their aerators and two vacuums and would not buy anyone else’s product. Period. This company has their act together! Their name is their bond. It means something. It’s more than a promise to quality and service. It’s more than lip service.  Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely praise a company with such exuberance and fervor and I hope this attests to the remarkable quality and customer service dedication of Wiedenmann.

Jim Mullins
Country Club Landscaping and Equipment Repair

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