Direct Solutions® new exclusive North American distribution partner for MultiGuard Protect

Agrium Advanced Technologies Direct Solutions®
announces their agreement with AgriGuard Company LLC to become the exclusive North
American distribution reseller of MultiGuard Protect® EC, a natural contact emulsifiable concentrate
nematicide designed to control harmful nematodes on turf.
Turf nematodes are found in different regions across North America and can cause significant
wilting and root damage, resulting in dry, dead patches in the middle of otherwise healthy turf.
MultiGuard Protect EC offers golf course superintendents and other turf management
professionals a non-phytotoxic way to control harmful turf nematodes and promote a healthy root
system with increased nutrient and water uptake while stimulating the growth of beneficial
organisms in the soil.
“We are constantly looking for environmentally responsible solutions to many of the issues facing
our customers, and MultiGuard Protect EC’s non-phytotoxic composition allows for safer handling
and unrestricted use while still effectively controlling harmful turf nematodes,” said Andrew Mittag,
President, Agrium Advanced Technologies. “We are pleased to add this environmentally
responsible product to the full suite of plant protection products Agrium Advanced Technologies
Direct Solutions offers to the turf and horticulture markets across North America.”
MultiGuard Protect EC is an emulsifiable concentrate, and when mixed with water can be sprayed
directly on turf at the start of the growing season or during times of high nematode pressure. Its
natural composition allows MultiGuard Protect EC to be reapplied up to five times per season as
required, giving golf course superintendents and other turf professionals an economical alternative
to existing registered nematicides’ in-season applications.
As the new direct-to-market sales division of Agrium Advanced Technologies, Direct Solutions has
more than 100 industry field professional representatives specializing in the professional turf and
horticulture industries. With broad access to Agrium Advanced Technologies’ global leadership in
enhanced-efficiency fertilizer technology combined with the best agronomic and economic
solutions tailored to customers’ specific conditions, budgets and delivery schedules, Direct
Solutions was created to set the new standard of excellence in service and solution delivery.
About Agrium Advanced Technologies
Agrium Advanced Technologies is a strategic business unit of Agrium Inc., a major retail supplier of
agricultural products and services in both North and South America and a leading global producer and
marketer of agricultural nutrients and industrial products. Agrium Advanced Technologies is the leading
manufacturer and marketer of slow- and controlled-release fertilizers and micronutrients in the Agriculture,
professional Turf and Ornamental, consumer lawn and garden, and specialty agriculture markets. Agrium
Advanced Technologies’ brands include: ESN®, POLYON®, XCU®, NITROFORM®, NUTRALENE® and
DURATION CR® slow- and controlled-release fertilizers, ULTRA YIELD® Micronutrients, AMP® and
PRECISE® controlled-release plant protection. These products utilize proprietary advanced generation
technologies to control nutrient release for improved plant growth and environmental performance.
MultiGuard Protect® EC is a registered trademark of AgriGuard Company LLC, Cranford, NJ.
Steve Williams, Manager, Communications
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