Direct Solutions Offers Superintendents Solution-Based Agronomy Programs

Direct Solutions, a division of Agrium Advanced Technologies, today unveiled the addition of four new agronomic programs, each exclusively created to address a specific issue prevalent on golf courses across the United States and Canada.

“We have leveraged our strategic relationship with Loveland Products to launch these solution-based turf and ornamental programs to superintendents across the continent,” said Dave Gingrich, Managing Director, Direct Solutions. “Our sales team has worked with the agronomy experts at Loveland to develop four innovative programs that target a number of specific issues our superintendents face every day on their courses.”

Two Loveland programs available from Direct Solutions enable superintendents to tackle issues that affect a course’s everyday condition and playability:

Need for Speed Program — The pace of everything is quicker these days, with golfers wanting their greens fast too. Superintendents can meet that Need for Speed with the combination of Signature® brand fertilizers Sirius® and SilStar® driving a course’s turf nutrition program.

Pure Cure Program — Hydrophobic soils … the binding of organic materials that coat sand particles and reduce the porosity of the soil … greatly reduce the ability of water and nutrients to be absorbed into the soil and initiate localized dry spot. With Pure Cure, superintendents can dissolve these waxy coatings and break-up the calcium carbonates and bicarbonates, thus increasing water porosity and nutrient availability while reducing sodium.

“The Need for Speed and Pure Cure programs are just two examples of how the in-depth turf expertise and wide spectrum of products available at Direct Solutions can address specific, time-sensitive issues during the course of a playing season,” said Gingrich. “Both programs are designed to help our superintendents meet these challenges head-on, offering their members and golfers greener, healthier and stronger turf, even in high-stress areas.”

Two more Loveland programs offered by Direct Solutions provide seasonal assistance for keeping course turf healthy all year long:

Soil Awakening Program — Traditionally, conventional mechanical practices are used to increase turf growth and performance by lessening soil compaction, which physically restricts root growth and impedes nutrient and water availability. The Signature® brand Soil Awakening Program complements mechanical practices by lessening such soil-based physiological turf stresses.

Fall Prep Program — As the winter season approaches, unavoidable environmental stresses restrict turf growth and performance. The Fall Preparation Program offers a proactive, pre-stress conditioning approach by maximizing soil nutrient availability and the capacity for turfgrasses to build roots and maximize carbohydrate reserves.

“Seasonal issues on a course … be it early spring or getting ready for fall … need custom solutions,” said Gingrich. “That’s the feedback we’ve received from our superintendents, so our agronomy team has spent the past eighteen months finding the right products to help meet these seasonal needs.”

For a complete list of programs or products available at Direct Solutions, or to find a sales representative near you, please visit

About Direct Solutions — Direct Solutions is the industry-leading distributor of slow- and controlled-release fertilizers, plant protection products, grass seed and micronutrients for the horticulture and professional turf markets. With 39 locations and 150 professional field representatives across North America, Direct Solutions offers premium quality products, streamlined distribution and unsurpassed customer service to ensure you find the right product for your needs.

Direct Solutions is a division of Agrium Advanced Technologies. For more information, please visit

About Loveland Products Incorporated — At Loveland Products, Inc. we offer a complete line of high-performance input products. Our portfolio of seed treatment, plant nutrition, fertilizer, adjuvant and crop protection products are second to none. We are constantly striving to bring new, unique chemistries to the marketplace to provide innovative solutions to problems across the agricultural and professional non-crop (including turf & ornamental, pest control, forestry and vegetation management) industries.

For more information about Loveland Products, or to find a distributor near you, please visit

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