Dynamic Turf: F1 Core Collector

The F1 Core Collector was built to expedite aerification core collection. It does that. Quite well. On an average size green of 6,000 square feet, it accomplishes this in 7-8 minutes with one operator.

The F1 core collector is a unique device that attaches to most bunker rake systems that have a hydraulic cylinder lift system. The system has a series of flexing shovels on the bottom of a collection box that floats across your greens.  At the end of the run, it separates and piles the plugs on the collar.  The operator finishes putting piles at both ends of the greens and goes back to gather the plugs in two to four handy piles to pick up.  This takes about 7-8 minutes. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. 

Though the name was derived from its counterpart in auto racing, this machine is not only fast, it’s efficient and easy to operate.  Expect 98% of the plugs to be picked up on the first pass. With only one person clearing off the plugs, you’ll only need 2-3 guys shoveling the pile up, allowing you to utilize your work force in other areas.
It’s business as usual with the F1 core collector.  No longer is everyone pushing plugs and getting nothing else done the day of aerification.  It’s that easy.  A typical aerification day using the F1 looks like this:

· 1-2 workers on pull behind aerifiers
·  1 person pulling plugs off greens (7 minutes)
·  2 people picking up piles
·  Start topdressing

When people see the machine in operation, they immediately pull out their phones and start videotaping the process.  It happens every time!  We have testimonial after testimonial on how well it works.  The U.S.G.A. has qualified it as an excellent tool for expediting cores following aerification. Not one client has ever asked for a refund! Being a grass-roots company based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, we manufacture and distribute solely from here.  We base our advertising on you, the superintendent: relying on word-of-mouth referrals, videos and testimonials.  Being a small company, we cannot demo throughout the country, but we have enough machines in the market to call almost anyone in a given geographic area to confirm our claims. It’s early in our campaign but we now have units in twenty-four states and five countries. After five years out in the field, we are launching this item for the world to see and use. 

Along with greens, superintendents are using the F1 on tees, approaches and fairways.  Those nasty clay plugs can be removed in minutes with the F1 core collector. Improve playability fast and easy, while sitting.  Be warned, it will be hard to get the operator off the machine. Everyone wants to run it.

Dynamic Turf is the exclusive distributor of the F1 Core Collector. Check out our website at and see what the buzz is all about or call 480-227-7645.


• The F1 Core Collector with single operator can clear off 18 average sized greens in 3 to 4 hours. Typically, the F1 saves 45-60 man hours versus pushing plugs off by hand. This coupled with using those employees in other areas is a true “double dipping” of man hours. Another 45-60 hours to be used on other areas.

• Works well on Bermuda, Bent and Poa annua greens, as well as low-cut tees and approaches.

• Safe on contoured greens.

• Works well on plugs from 1/4” to 1” in diameter.

• Individual precision made flat scoops pick up the plugs…then hinged connections allow you to drop them off at side of green when you raise the box. Then lock the scoops in and push the pile together.

• Find the freedom of being able to squeeze in extra venting and aerating dates without loss of revenue (courses using the F1 Core Collector have been able to cut 1/4” tines, clean off plugs with F1CC, top-dress and broom in 9 holes by 9 AM after starting at 5AM). Get rid of the time limiting factor of hand picking plugs.

• Fastest Core Collector on the market today

• Attaches to many Sand Rake Models:
• Toro 5040/5020/5000, 3040/3020,
• JD1200H
• SmithCo SuperStar & Xtreme.

• Durable, made to last for years.

• Machined in USA.

Join The Revolution. Pick up an F1 Core Collector and Start Smiling when You Aerify!

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