ECHO Bear Cat Chipper

There isn’t much that can stand up to this ECHO Bear Cat 9 inch chipper! It’s powered by a 2.2L Kubota diesel engine. Based on a solid 4-inch “C” channel frame with torsion axle suspension, this chipper makes branches and trees up to 9 inches in diameter disappear. The CH922DH features a dynamically-balanced 30 x 1.25 inch thick rotor that weighs 275 pounds and produces tremendous chipping power.

The CH922DH now features a Digital Display Controller (DDC) hydraulic feed system with a variable speed feed roller with instant reverse.

The DDC features:

      • •   Movable Digital TFT screen for easy viewing, even in bright sunlight conditions
      • •   Soft key menu selection buttons for simple user navigation
      • •   Pre-programmed maintenance schedule reminders
      • •   Hydraulic system diagnostic capabilities
      • •   Troubleshooting screens to provide in-field help
      • •   Pre-programmed with English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian and Chinese
      • •   Tested in the most extreme conditions to ensure longevity

The chippers’ hydraulic feed system is electronically controlled. If the rotor speed drops below optimal operational RPM range, the controller pauses the feed roller to allow the rotor to regain speed, and then restarts feeding once optimal rotor RPM is achieved. This AutoFeed function allows for less fatigue on wear parts and maximizes efficiency.

Additional features include a 15 inch diameter feed roller containing 10 knife blades, four reversible chipping blades made from heat-treated tool steel, adjustable 4-sided anvil and an 8 inch diameter discharge chute.

A triple-banded belt drive generates positive power, and a hydrostatic feed control provides the operator with infinite feed settings for all types and sizes of debris. A telescoping tongue along with torsion axle suspension makes towing easy.

With 18 gallons in the fuel tank, you’ll create piles of chips between refills!

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