Engineered Thermoplastic Golf Cup Guard (Jan 30)

January 30, 2015 – is a small start up company that started in 2013. The company specializes in golf cup guards and currently sells an industry leading golf cup guard. The product is known as the Golf Cup Saver. It is currently owned and operated by Robert Grant. Rob started the company with an idea to manufacture a tool that he uses for hole painting. His experience is as follows:

“The idea came about after a series of colleagues I worked with found the Cup-saver to make their jobs easier while spraying greens and hole painting.” While performing an internship for turf school, the superintended wanted to retain the aesthetics and the functionality of the greens by painting the hole everyday. Much like they do for tournament play. A common problem with repeated hole painting applications is that the paint gets everywhere! The Cup-saver keeps the paint out of the cups and keeps the paint from building up. The cup-setter no longer got stuck after multiple painting applications and the cups were kept very clean. The details and aesthetics really shined when we used the Cup-saver around the greens.”

“I used it one day for topdressing while brushing in the sand and the Cup-saver kept the sand from filling up the ferrule. I remember deciding at that moment on the sand pro that the Cup-saver needs to be shared with other people in the industry.”

I worked hard to get the best possible golf cup guard that could be made through the injection molding process. I have spent countless hours marketing and cold calling on Golf Course Superintendents and over the last year the company has had success.”

Municipal, public, resort, and leading superintendents in our field swear by the Cup-saver and really like it! The Cup-saver is manufactured with a high-grade engineered thermoplastic and lasts at least a year. The Cup-saver is manufactured in the United States and made through a manufacturing regrind process using recycled plastic. Purchasing can be made through an online checkout system.

“Online purchasing is safe and secure and there are a list of distributors on the website that can be called on at”

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