ezLocator tool aids superintendent at New York’s Rye Golf Club

Chip Lafferty, superintendent at the Rye (NY) Golf Club, believes the ezLocator technology has enhanced the pin rotation program at his club dramatically.

“It allows us to track where the pins are and where they have been, minimizing the wear patterns on our small greens surfaces,” Lafferty said. “It allows us to place the hole locations in spots we would otherwise question or stay away from due to possible member and guest complaints. With 3-D imaging of our greens, ezLocator gives us the confidence to do this.”

Lafferty added that ezLocator is a great PR tool for superintendents to interact with the golfers at their club, especially the ones who might complain about hole locations. “I now can explain pin placements with members on a one-to-one basis,” he said. “Previously they might complain that someone who plays soccer is picking hole locations. To now, they’re asking and learning how they are chosen and why they are chosen.”

“When or if complaints arise, I can quickly look at the hole location sheet for the day and explain how that pin might need to be re-evaluated, giving the golfer instant gratification that his or her complaint is not only being listen to, but being addressed instantly, making everyone feel more involved in the process and future issues resolved right on the spot.”

Lafferty added that he hears golfers telling how they have played golf here for 50+ years and having never seen the holes in these unique locations. “It gives them the opportunity to play a different challenging golf course every day,” he noted.

The Rye superintendent added that the pin sheets provide more than just where the pin are located, giving golfers exact yardages, including to the front of the green like the better players like. “I have one member who calls it the ‘poor man’s GPS’ and he is right, the information is clear and concise as long as someone is there to explain how to derive the information from the pin sheet.”

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