Features and benefits of using TAZO ® Azospirillum Bacteria.

–Significant root enhancer —Tests indicate 62-108 % more roots in the top 4 inches of soil. Seed was planted May 1 and analyzed August 24.
–Capacity to fix atmospheric N for the grass plant
–Ability to bond to plant roots and maintain N fixing in leachable soils
–Packaged longevity –Labeled viability activity at 18 months from date of manufacture.

–More roots and a constant supply on N yield a healthy plant. The additional roots will supply the plant with more uptake capacity for moisture and nutrient absorption.
–These healthy plants are more tolerant to environmental stresses of drought, disease, and wear.
–the additional roots provide more of a divot reducer in the high wear sports and Golf areas. We have detected more of a “root rug” just under the surface.

TAZO-B is a liquid application material that is applied at 0.8 oz. /1000 sq. ft. on existing turf. These bacteria should be watered in immediately. They need to get into the protected Root Zone. These bacteria are harmed by prolonged exposure to U.V. light and desiccation.

TAZO-ST Dry is a seed treatment that is applied at 1 lb. / 100lbs of seed.

FAST FIX is a TAZO seed treatment with a water attractant that can be used in broadcast seeding and Divot mix.

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