From Front Side to the Back 9, Bio S.I.’s Turf Formulas have Course Management Needs Covered

With the major golf tours in full swing, courses across the nation and around the world are getting their spot in the sun. While providing some of the best weather and most beautiful playing conditions, summertime can also be the most labor-intensive for course management. Regardless of the size or status of a course, the look and feel is a testament to the hard work put in by its managers and turf care professionals. As a leading manufacturer of biological soil inoculants, Bio S.I. Technology ( has developed their specially designed Turf and Turf Select formulas with naturally occurring microbes to relieve pressures affecting growth and make the soil work for you.

Some of the most common conditions affecting turf growth to which Bio S.I.’s Turf formulas treat include patch disease, salinization, and thatch buildup. When soil biodiversity is increased, good microbial bacteria will overtake many of the disease-causing pathogens present due to the increased competition for available resources. A number of the beneficial microbes contained within each formula even prey on harmful bacteria specifically.

Turf and Turf Select are guaranteed to decrease costs associated with chemical inputs such as fertilizer and pesticides due to the inherently symbiotic relationship between their microbes, and turf root systems. These microbial communities feed off of plant and chemical residue that is present which otherwise block nutrient absorption. By freeing up the soil from compaction and rebuilding a healthy humus layer, Bio S.I.’s Turf and Turf Select formulas also help to reduce water usage as a result of increased water penetration and retention.

Imagine being able to see the kind of improvements on your turf growth that tilling and applying new topsoil would provide, but without any of the associated time and maintenance scheduling involved. This is essentially what Bio S.I.’s Turf and Turf Select formulas can create with their proprietary microbial formulation. Golf courses, athletic fields, and turf of any kind already have the necessary components to produce green, vigorous growth all year long. Turf and Turf Select are the biological catalyst for unlocking its full growing potential. Make your job less labor intensive this year by including Bio S.I.’s Turf or Turf Select formulas in your program.

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