Global Turf Equipment:

Daily-fee, private and resort golf courses are more focused than ever on retaining and attracting new players in tandem with maintaining costs. In today’s trying economic climate, where should a turf care professional turn to replace damaged or out-of-date mowers, top-dressers or utility vehicles when new equipment is often prohibitively expensive?

To tackle this conundrum, many have found the answer is buying or leasing high-quality, pre-owned machines.

Global Turf Equipment (GTE) is the world’s largest independent seller and exporter of pre-owned golf course equipment. With more than 45,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space outside Tampa, GTE services courses in all 50 states and worldwide providing much-needed fiscal relief with a full range of competitively-priced machinery.

Founded in 2003 by Jim Sartain (former CEO of Meadowbrook Golf) and Pat Yarbrough, GTE offers savings of up to 50% on products from brand leaders like Toro, John Deere, Jacobson and Club Car. Its 750-piece inventory includes fairway green and rough mowers; top dressers and spreaders; trim mowers; turf aerators, sprayers, vacuums and blowers; utility vehicles and more. Ninety percent of this inventory is “retail ready.”

In partnership with major financial lending firms, GTE purchases late-model equipment coming off short-term leases. A preference for models that are frequently only three to four years old means the company is very familiar with the ownership history of almost every item in stock. Moreover, GTE receives about 90% of this product directly from golf courses. This peace of mind is a major reason why customers come back time and time again.

Moreover, all machines purchased from GTE have received a thorough inspection to ensure they are fully functional. Areas examined include the engine, drive train, electrical system, hydraulic system and cutting units. They also come with a minimum of 50% of reel and tire life remaining, as well as new oil and oil filters, fuel and fuel filters, spark plugs, hydraulic fluid and hydraulic filters, rotary blades, bedknives, and more.

GTE’s sister company, Turf Equipment Rental (TERF), fills another important niche: short-term rentals by the day, week or month for special “emergency” needs. TERF is ideal for situations when budget monies have not been allocated or if machines are needed temporarily for a specific job.

Unprecedented economic times often call for a change in business practices. Thankfully, a creative approach to lowering bottom-line costs without sacrificing operational quality is available with GTE. In many ways, its business platform mirrors BMW’s very successful “Certified Pre-Owned” luxury automobile program, offering an affordable alternative to help conquer budgetary battles. If this mindset is good enough for discerning car drivers, shouldn’t it also be for turf care professionals?

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