Golf and innovation: hand in hand

“We should understand innovation, and move forward,” said Steve Smyers, the outgoing ASGCA President, at the recent ASGCA Annual Meeting in Washington D.C.

Smyers was speaking at the Donald Ross Roundtable Meeting, where ASGCA Executive Committee members and the foremost figures of the golf industry that represent ASGCA Leadership Partner organizations gathered, as they regularly do, to discuss the game today.

“Innovation has shaped the game of golf throughout the course of its history,” said Smyers, before chronicling some of the game’s major innovations, from the introduction of the gutta-percha ball in the mid-nineteenth century to changes in the putting stroke, advances in grass mowing equipment, irrigation, turfgrass and the development of modern club technology.

Participations at the roundtable meeting discussed new innovations that affect the way we use golf facilities, play the game, and design courses.

Scott Lamont of master planning business EDSA explained how his organization was working alongside its developer partners to fully understand the value of golf facilities by using sophisticated performance analysis, covering metrics such as water saved, trees planted and jobs created. Dana Garmany of Troon Golf spoke about research that analyzes the engagement and spending by golfers from various demographics. Future issues of By Design will explore these and other topics discussed during the meeting.

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