Golf and The Environment Leadership Award

Last year the Board of Directors of Audubon International honored me by creating the Ronald G. Dodson Golf & The Environment Leadership Award. My friend, Jim Snow, the National Director of the USGA Green Section was the first Award winner. Now Audubon International is seeking nominations for the 2012 Award. Below is a press release that Audubon recently distributed. If you know a leader in the arena of golf and the environment, here is your opportunity to recognize those efforts.

Audubon International, an organization dedicated to educating, assisting and inspiring individuals to protect and sustain the environment through the game of golf, is now accepting nominations for their second annual Ronald G. Dodson Golf and the Environment Leadership Award.

The award is designed to celebrate an individual or individuals involved with a golf course, project or other effort connected to the game of golf that exhibits leadership in environmental stewardship and sustainability.
Finalists and winners will stand as examples of innovation, leadership and boldness in uncovering new and improved ways to protect and sustain the natural resources that the game of golf depends upon. Ron Dodson, the founder and president of Audubon International, and the man after whom the award is named, describes the type of nominees that Audubon International is seeking, “We’re looking for an individual who has really gone above and beyond normal environmental stewardship, but understands that golf courses must be economically successful, as well.”

Nominations can be submitted online by clicking: Example of a basic RGD Award

The 2012 Ronald G. Dodson Golf and the Environment Leadership Award winner will be announced in February at the Golf Industry Show in Las Vegas.

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