Company Leader in Europe, our mission is to provide our customers, Golf Courses, Events and Tournaments with the best customized Golf Flags in the Industry. We serve our customers’ needs quickly, completely, and cheerfully. We ensure the highest quality at competitive rates.flags

It’s very easy make an order on our web site and the shipments are made into “24/48 hours”!, through Partners as DHL, FEdex, UPS, GLS, TNT, DPD Worldwide.

Our wide range of Customized Flags are printed in Dye-Sublimation at high resolution and full colors.

Maximum UV resistant material helps maintain long-lasting color. Available are Logos, pictures, dual colors semaphore or checkered with numbers or without. It is also possible to print Double sided Flags on a polyester special fabric with a different printed logo on each side.

Increasing and stronger request of the Customized Flags with the Sponsor logos to give an additional advertising impact during all the Tournaments at very low costs, without any charge for Set-up and artwork, ensuring the shipment in “24/48 hours”! from the order.

Today our customized offer is enlarged, giving all our Customers more products : Beach Flag, City Flag, Team Flag, Tee Markers, Tee Banner, Banner Up, Banner Stand, Golf Towels, Table Throw, Caddie Bibs, Bag Tags, and Tent.
Get your Brand and Message out to a much wider audience, with this unique patented technology Italian made for less then the competition for a (Diameter 1,6 mt. – 5,25ft.) Cylinder.

golf-flagBe “head and shoulders above the competition!”

Our High rise Banners allow your Brand and Message to be seen 360 degrees around the show. Banner height can be easily set to the max allowable at the show. (Max height 6,40 mt – 34 ft!) – No rigging costs and it’s reusable! (Carry bag included)

Assembly and break down couldn’t be easier. (Less than 8 minutes, weighs less than 5 kg. – 12 lbs!). Banner printing is customisable, to your requirements and included in this great offer price!

Get even more Bang for your Buck, take the optional 12 volt rotational system and add movement to your High Rise Banner for the ultimate Eye Catcher and


Please don’t hesitate in contacting me if you need more information and assistance to place your order for fast delivery.

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