Greenworks Commercial Introduces New 82-Volt Stick Edger for Landscape Professionals

New Tool Delivers Top-Grade Power and Performance Amid Growing Concerns Over Local Noise Ordinances

Greenworks Commercial, leaders in battery-powered outdoor equipment for landscaping, turf management and golf maintenance professionals, today announced that it has expanded its popular 82-volt system with a powerful new commercial-grade tool perfect for professional edging jobs in noise-sensitive areas – the GE 080 Stick Edger.

Like all of the tools included in Greenworks Commercial’s family, the new GE 080 Stick Edger utilizes a proprietary Greenworks Commercial 82-volt lithium-ion battery to provide superior performance capable of handling the toughest edging jobs. The unit’s 8’’ heat-treated blade is driven by a direct-drive brushless motor that provides high torque, zero-maintenance and zero-exhaust — all while reducing vibrations and noise. With its hassle-free “instant on” start switch and variable-speed trigger, the new GE 080 is quiet enough to allow landscape professionals to get their work days started earlier without bothering clients or violating local noise ordinances.

The Greenworks Commercial 82-volt Stick Edger provides all the power and function landscape and turf management professionals need, utilizing the following key technologies:


  • 8” Heat-Treated Steel Blade for commercial grade performance
  • Cast Steel Blade Guard for maximum safety and durability
  • Direct-Drive Brushless motor to deliver more torque and longer life
  • Variable speed trigger to help conserve battery life


In addition to eliminating the odors associated with gas-fueled tools, the GE 080 Stick Edger yields 50% less noise than gas equivalents, protecting workers’ hearing while delivering equal power.  Furthermore, it produces 5X less vibration than gas-powered competitors, reducing fatigue and extending the workday.

Finally, the push trigger start eliminates pull cords completely, making starting and stopping the tool safe, easy and convenient.  In addition, it extends the battery’s charge by eliminating unnecessary run-time on the job site.

“We are excited to continue to build on our award-winning 82-Volt system of outdoor power equipment, with new solutions for landscape and turf management professionals that encounter new noise and emission ordinances every day,” said Chris Allen, President of Greenworks North America. “Like all of our tools in the 82-Volt system, the new Stick Edger provides users with high performance in an environmentally responsible way.  The GE 080 is up to the toughest of edging tasks, so we’re excited to see pros begin putting it to the test this Spring.”

The Greenworks Commercial Stick Edger will be available through the Carswell, Conniff Sales and Steven Willand independent dealer networks, and SiteOne, beginning April 15th.  For more information on the 82-volt Stick Edger and Greenworks Commercial’s comprehensive selection of best-in-class, battery-powered outdoor equipment, visit


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About Greenworks Commercial


Greenworks Commercial is the leader in battery-powered outdoor equipment for landscaping, turf management and golf course maintenance professionals. An innovative, best-in-class 82-volt battery platform powers multiple tool systems, delivering the power and performance of comparable gas-powered tools without the mess, fumes and noise. For more information, find us on the web at


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