Grigg Brothers introduces Rhizonify a Next-Gen Soil Specialty Product

Introducing Rhizonify™, a new technologically advanced, value-added formulation from Grigg Brothers designed to facilitate the interaction of turfgrass roots with water, nutrients, and sugars in the rhizosphere to improve rooting, enhance plant energy status, and promote turfgrass vigor in challenging soil conditions or during environmental stress.

“We all know that photosynthesis provides an energy source for turfgrass plants,” says company agronomist Gary Grigg, “but under many of today’s turf management conditions like – low mowing heights, shade, salt stress, compaction, and hydrophobic soil – the plant’s photosynthetic productivity declines and subsequent energy production and storage slows as a result of all the variables working against the turfgrass and as metabolic activity declines, so do root exudates that are essential for optimum turf quality”

Applications of Rhizonify™ enhance and replenish plant and soil carbohydrates in the rhizosphere to successfully overcome limitations encountered during many conditions turfgrass managers face. In some locations, adverse soil conditions warrant its use as part of a general maintenance strategy.

Placement and solubility of the carbohydrate and nutrient contained in Rhizonify™ determine its efficacy. Rhizonify was strategically developed and formulated with a specifically designed wetting agent to improve water penetration and nutrient placement. The wetting agent technology also provides a uniform soil wetting front for the carbohydrates and nutrient contained in Rhizonify™ to reach its target – the entire rhizosphere. Rhizonify also provides a useful tool to manage and promote recovery from hydrophobic soil conditions or localized dry spot (LDS).

Rhizonify™ is available in the same trusted formulation of quality, performance, and compatibility as all Grigg Brothers® products.

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