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Hobson Golf Course & Driving Range officially re-open

Ribbon Cutting at Hobson Golf Course re-open
Ribbon Cutting at Hobson Golf Course re-open

It was ribbon-cutting day for the newly renovated Hobson Golf Course & Driving Range. The new course now offers nine holes on rolling fairways and many new additional perks.

“Well this is a huge investment the city has made, they’ve come over here on the west side of town which has so much history to it already. We have baseball fields, golf courses and now we have a driving range,” said 2019 Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce Chair, Steve Davis.

“We need a driving range. It’s just amazing the city has invested in this and everyone is just very happy about it.”

“On number six was a par 5, and we actually took it down and condensed it to a par 4 about 400 yards and par 3 that stretches almost 200 yards. And we also made number 9 a par 4 that used to be a par 3,” said Golf Superintendent, Jeremy Purichia. “So we took out a lot of trees and built a fairway from scratch. Put a lot of sot in, a lot of irrigation work that’s needed to be done for a long time now also.

“We’ve got two greens, two courses now, nine-hole courses with Bermuda greens. They’re ready to be played all summer long we don’t have to worry about the conditions that we usually would on a cool-season grass that we struggled with in the past. So we are able to keep the Bermuda greens better and longer in the summer without having the stress on them with the heat and lack of water that we usually run into. And the new driving range is also going to help that too. Being able to keep people, kids, college students anyone can come out at any time and play,” said Purichia.

You can visit the new course at 1200 W. Main Street.

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