Hunter introduces short radius version of MP Rotator (Jan 8)

January 8, 2015 – Hunter Industries has announced the release of the new MP800SR360, a short radius version of its popular MP Rotator, featuring rotating streams of water applied at a slower rate to conserve water and prevent runoff.

“The MP800SR360 rounds out our short-radius offering with a 360 degree full-circle pattern and complements the 90-120 degree adjustable arc model introduced earlier this year,” Hunter product manager Kelsey Jacquard said.

The MP800SR360 reaches radius settings as low as 6 feet and can reach up to 12 feet on the high end. The precipitation rate remains matched across all arc and radius settings at approximately 0.8 inches per hour.

This new addition to the MP Rotator family boasts all of the features and benefits of the current MP Rotator line, including high distribution uniformity, wind-resistant streams, debris-resistant double-pop design and construction with the highest quality materials available.


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