Improvements close to completion at Tetherow Golf Club (Mar 9)

March 9, 2015 – A series of major upgrades are being made to the course at Tetherow Golf Club near Bend, Oregon.

The course is set to reopen for play on 29 March following work by the club’s golf course superintendent Chris Condon and his maintenance team.

Tetherow Golf Club member and the course’s original designer David McLay Kidd has been consulted on the work and advised Condon and his team during the course of the project.

“We are enlarging the seventh and seventeenth greens to create more pin positions, adding three new tees and creating several waste areas to replace native areas in heavily trafficked spots,” said Chris van der Velde, managing partner at Tetherow Golf Club. “On the seventeenth we have also added a small revetted bunker because it is something we have always appreciated about links golf courses.”

The course opened in 2008 and was designed to be reminiscent of the Links-style courses of Scotland.

“David McLay Kidd is a member and local resident so we always consult with him before making changes,” added van der Velde. “We hope it will speed up play as well as adding some exciting variety to several already fun holes.”

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