Increasing Demands Bring Advancements in Oil Filtration

The Best Filter of All

Undeniably, the best filter of all is the invisible filter. This is the filter that doesn’t have to be purchased, doesn’t have to be installed, doesn’t have to be changed and doesn’t have to be monitored. This is the filter that gets the oil clean simply by a change in human conduct and behavior. It’s the countless little actions by people who work with lubricants and machinery that prevent oil from becoming dirty in the first place. These are the things that humans do to expose oil to contamination (knowingly or unknowingly).

The invisible filter is the conspicuous awareness that cleanliness is virtuous toward achieving machine reliability and that every critical machine has an assigned cleanliness target and is monitored religiously.

Awareness and measurement bring about human behavioral change. Be cleanliness wise and cleanliness conscious.

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