Introducing Macroganics 4-3-2 – a Powerful 100% ORGANIC Plant Based Fertilizer

Growth Products is proud to announce our new 100% Organic, OMRI listed PLANT BASED fertilizer, Macroganics 4-3-2.  Macroganics offers the maximum analysis available for primary nutrients, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in a liquid form.  In addition to its highly concentrated N-P-K, Macroganics contains 18 L-Amino Acids, Natural Wetting Agent from Yucca, as well as a food source for Beneficial Bacteria.

Macroganics is a non-clogging, easy to use fertilizer for turf, food crops, ornamentals, etc. It is ideal for supplemental feeding and conveniently functions as both a fertilizer and soil conditioner. Macroganics provides an effective boost of nutrients and organic matter in both root feeding and foliar spray applications. This 100% plant based fertilizer contains NO animal by-products, is completely safe for the environment and the OMRI certification makes it the ideal fertilizer for food crop production.

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