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Introducing Ocean Organics Surfactants for Golf Courses and Athletic Fields

Ocean Organics today announced an innovative, proprietary Surfactant line for intensively maintained turf grasses.  Each of the four surfactants in the line optimizes nutrient and water use efficiency and provides unique ingredients that help boost plant fitness.  One such ingredient is Ocean Organics’ proprietary seaweed extract which acts as a multi-faceted plant strengthening and stress management agent.

In addition to a biostimulant, each formulation contains a proprietary penetrating agent to help water and nutrients infiltrate through the mat layer and into the soil faster. They also help keep the surface dryer.

The products are phyto-safe and highly cost-efficient, having a lower end user cost per gallon and a lower cost per acre than competitive products.

  • Nautilus™ promotes drier and firmer playing surfaces; consistent, uniform root zone soil moisture; and a slower, more consistent dry down that reduces hand watering.


  • Mariner™ promotes firmer and drier playing surfaces and improved root zone moisture uniformity when used in either a short or long term program.


  • Privateer™ treats Localized Dry Spots (LDS) while increasing moisture uniformity in the root zone. It can be used as a curative or as a monthly program product.


  • Helmsman™ promotes firmer and drier playing surfaces on fairways and fine textured soils. It increases the penetration of applied water and rainfall and improves irrigation efficiency.

“Recently, surfactant and wetting agent manufacturers have added acids, alcohol and other agents to dry the soil in order to promote fast playing surfaces, but this is often at the expense of making soils too dry.

“Every micro environment has an optimum soil moisture where the plant can really thrive and good turf managers know this. You simply don’t need to sacrifice optimum soil moisture to achieve playability,” explains Kevin Collins, the company’s Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic Territory Manager.

Nautilus™, the flagship of the line, uses a capped ethylene oxide molecule which represents the latest technological advance in wetting agents. It helps promote oxygen in the root zone, less volumetric water content, better efficacy and a slow and consistent “dry down.”

Mariner uses the company’s straight block co-polymer chemistry.

Privateer makes use of both chemistries and is formulated specifically to treat and/or prevent localized dry spots.

Helmsman™ uses straight block molecules that are safe for fine textured turf.

A key to success is to “start early and remain on a consistent application schedule” as reported in Sports Turf Online.  But, Privateer is an excellent LDS curative and Mariner can be employed in both long- or short-term programs.

Ocean Organics is synonymous with plant fitness, with materials designed to maximize plant health, hardiness, performance, stress tolerance and quality.


Celebrating over 40 years of manufacturing high performance, scientifically-proven seaweed extracts, plant growth materials and granular fertilizers… Ocean Organics innovative, sustainable products contain unique and proprietary constituents that yield reliable and outstanding results. 
Their materials have been tested and proven in over 35 universities and independent laboratories throughout North America.

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