Irrigation by Amount vs. Time

Toro Irrigation

Of all the equipment in your fleet, the biggest single piece of machinery you operate is your irrigation system. The practice of precision irrigation is the next big thing to hit the golf industry.

Good for the Planet

Precision irrigation brings the opportunity to work toward a better tomorrow. If every golf course across the globe used the exact right amount of resources through precision irrigation, a substantial amount of water could be saved. This allows those products to continue to do their job between applications, contributing to the overall health of the turfgrass.

Good for the Budget

Implementing a precision irrigation strategy is good for an operation’s bottom line for a few reasons. As resource availability continues to be uncertain in the mid to long term, superintendents can expect the costs associated with water to continue to rise. A key way superintendents can look to stabilize their costs in the future is to install a precision irrigation control system.

Good for the Game

That includes cutting to any desired length and rolling greens without having to worry about any collateral damage or stress inflicted on the turfgrass.

Looking Forward

When it comes to golf course management, precision technology is already becoming commonplace. Using this smart technology really is a win-win-win, when you consider the benefits for the turfgrass, the operation’s bottom line, and the environment.

See full Case for Precision Irrigation here.

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