Jacobsen marks ECLIPSE™ mower milestone

Jacobsen, a Textron (NYSE: TXT) Company, announced today it recently sold its 5,000th ECLIPSE™ greens mower. In just under six years, the equipment manufacturer has sold over 5,000 walking and riding ECLIPSE units around the world.

Jacobsen first introduced its ECLIPSE series with the ECLIPSE 122 F walking greens mower in 2007. The revolutionary mower is the first of its kind to offer separate, adjustable settings for reel speed and mow speed on an easy-to-read LCD screen. This allows superintendents to quickly and easily set the frequency-of-clip to match course conditions, a key feature that was previously unattainable.

Two years later, Jacobsen introduced the ECLIPSE 322 riding greens mower, the industry’s first triplex mower with true hybrid and all-electric technology and zero hydraulics. The ECLIPSE 322 is also the first and only triplex to come standard with advanced electronic controls.

“The ECLIPSE walking greens mowers and ECLIPSE 322 riding greens mower have been our flagship products for several years now,” said Chris Fox, Product Manager for Jacobsen. “The ECLIPSE mowers’ game-changing technology has helped superintendents and sports turf managers improve the health and quality of their turf because it eliminates the risk of hydraulic leaks and gives them the ability to quickly and easily adjust settings like frequency-of-clip and mow speed.”

“To think that in less than six years we have sold 5,000 ECLIPSE mowers is incredible,” said David Withers, President of Jacobsen. “Most importantly, the award-winning ECLIPSE machines have been crucial in our mission of building relationships in the market. We look forward to marking the 10,000 milestone a few years down the road.”

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