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Knox Fertilizer celebrates SurfCote milestone

Knox Fertilizer is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its polymer coated fertilizer technology which can extend the nutrient release of fertilizers for up to a year in some applications. SurfCote is a controlled-release urea for general turf maintenance.

The Surf technology, or Sustained Uniform Release Fertilizer, is a patented polymer coating that represents the latest era of “smart” fertilizers that will help golf course superintendents, lawn care professionals, landscaping companies, as well as specialty crop growers, improve their environmental impact as well as their bottom line.

“At a time of increased environmental awareness, SurfCote is the right product at the right time for our customers,” said Robert Shaw, President of Knox Fertilizer Company. “With slow release technology, a consistent nutrient source is always available to the plant for optimum growth but without the time-consuming and costly inconvenience of repeat applications. SurfCote also reduces the opportunity for plant burn and over application and waste of nutrients.”

Knox Fertilizer plans on celebrating this anniversary all year long with end user promotions and educational content.  “With rising labor and equipment maintenance costs, the use of our polymer coated fertilizers help our end users save both time and money while providing a positive impact on our environment,” said Mark Shaw, vice president of the Knox Fertilizer Company.  “5 Years ago we brought innovation to the industry by creating the One & Done line which combines our SurfCote fertilizer with a crabgrass preventer and grub control in one application.”

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