Koch Turf & Ornamental Expands Relationship With Harrell’s For Nationwide Distribution Of Polyon

May 3, 2016 – Koch Turf & Ornamental, a brand supported by Koch Agronomic Services, LLC, has selected Harrell’s as the nationwide distributor for POLYON® controlled-release fertilizer in professional markets in the United States, effective May 1, 2016. Harrell’s has previously acted as the sole distributor of POLYON® fertilizer in professional markets in the Eastern United States.

“Harrell’s has a strong track record of supporting the POLYON® fertilizer brand,” said Tim Sturm, vice president of Koch Turf & Ornamental. “They bring a market presence and strategic focus that will drive continued growth and market expansion of POLYON® fertilizer across the US providing real solutions for our turf and ornamental customers.”

“We’re very excited that Koch has selected us as the nationwide distributor for POLYON® fertilizer products,” said Jack Harrell Jr., CEO of Harrell’s. “We’ve had nationwide distribution capabilities for several years, and have been a regional distributor of POLYON® fertilizers since 1992. We know the product very well.”

POLYON® controlled-release fertilizer is a market leader in the turf and ornamental space, offering precise, predictable and lasting delivery of nutrients. Turf and ornamental professionals can visit for more information on POLYON® fertilizer or to contact a representative.

About Koch Turf & Ornamental
Koch Turf & Ornamental is a global leader in enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF) products. Its Ph.D. agronomists, Ph.D. chemists and technical specialists put advanced solutions to the test for optimal nutrient performance. Koch Turf & Ornamental supplies technologies that are beyond the ordinary by working with universities, government researchers, international research centers and private organizations to provide the best performance in diverse conditions and environments. Our turf and ornamental product portfolio includes nine well-known brands encompassing all three EFF technologies … controlled-release, slow-release and stabilized nitrogen. Visit

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