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Trades Learning Center is proud to present our new events for the Golf Course Industry. Featuring golf course superintendents, architects, and digital showcases of suppliers and/or vendors. Why? Because in these ‘challenging times,’ (ahem!), our community needs to connect more than ever before. We need you, the viewer, to get engaged. Comment, ask questions, let us know what you’re thinking. If you missed any of our previous events, you can find them on the Golf Course Trades YouTube channel. Be sure to hit the subscribe button and the notification bell. And thank you in advance!

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A key aspect of Payne Stewart’s legacy, as directed by his wife Tracey, is to help lower-income and inner-city kids across the country learn the game of golf.  To achieve that goal, the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation was created to design groundbreaking youth programs that would have a broader reach than conventional programs.

“Our goal with the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation is to support this introductory golf program by raising funds to help expand the number of camp locations, provide adequate equipment, give families in need an opportunity to participate, and assist with other donation opportunities,” says Dan Anderson, COO/CMO and co-developer of the Foundation. 

The resulting Payne Stewart Golf Experience (Camps & Clinics) is a true introductory golf program designed to compete with little kickers soccer, t-ball, and other youth sport development programs.