LebanonTurf releases Country Club MD (Maximum Dispersion) fertilizer

LebanonTurf has announced the release of Country Club MD (Maximum Dispersion) fertilizer as part of their line of golf course turf care products.

Country Club MD is a powerful, long lasting golf course fertilizer that provides many advantages over normal N-P-K fertilizers. This innovative fertilizer features a homogenous proprietary particle composition containing environmental stress-buffering biostimulants and Meth-Ex, a slow-release nitrogen system designed to promote healthy turf throughout the growing season. Country Club MD’s combination of sea plant kelp and humic acid assists putting greens in maintaining optimal health performance and high-quality course playability by safeguarding the turf plant against stress conditions before they occur.

Country Club MD disperses so rapidly into the putting green’s canopy after irrigation, it virtually eliminates the possibility of being picked up by the greens mower during the next mowing. This efficient delivery system ensures that the full amount of applied nutrients reach their intended target rather than being picked up by greens mowers or golfer’s shoes.

“This uniquely formulated fertilizer is going to make a big impact on the golf course industry and how superintendents manage their greens,” says Dave Heegard, executive director of sales and marketing at Lebanon Seaboard. “Country Club MD allows superintendents to benefit from both premium nutrients and healthy biostimulants in one granular greens grade product.

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