Legends experiments with charger controller; operates golf cart using only solar power for six months

Legends Business Group (LGBS:PK) today announced its findings from one of the various MFCC independent tests it has been performing over the last couple of months. While the MFCC has many possible adaptations, one such use Legends has been independently testing is its implementation on a solar powered golf cart.

Legend’s test consisted of taking an ordinary golf cart, replacing its roof with a custom solar panel, and then testing it while playing a standard 18 holes of golf.

“This test was performed in a non certified laboratory over a six-month period with one goal in mind, to not just play one round of golf, but play many rounds over a six month period,”
said Rudy Sablon, LGBS’s President and CEO.

The main stipulation of this independent test was the golf cart could not be charged using a conventional style charger plugged directly into any standard power outlet.

“I am excited to announce that the findings the company documented surpassed our expectations,” said Rudy Sablon. He continued, “Six months after we initiated our test, the golf cart is still being charged from the MFCC. As a result of the MFCC’s charging capabilities the batteries of the cart now rest at 39.2V. Prior to the installation of the MFCC, the batteries rested at 37.4 volts.”

Resting voltage(s) will vary based on battery health and sunlight conditions.

Legends’ tests additionally found that if the cart was driven for 15 minutes, the batteries returned to its full state of charge with only 15 minutes of charging while in full sun. Their findings concluded the MFCC allowed the batteries to hold its charge longer, in turn eliminating the need to charge the batteries after returning from a standard round of golf.

Although the results of testing have proved to be very positive, future tests are still needed to determine how long a cart can run without consuming any public utility power. Legends’ goal is to perform real world testing, emulating conditions found in retirement villages, golf courses, and major theme parks. With this goal in mind the company has set out to prove the MFCC is like no other battery charger and they aim to prove this via independent third party testing. To find out more,

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