Light Up The Night with Light Bars on Equipment (Nov 8)

November 8, 2015 – Each year I have the pleasure of volunteering at East Lake Golf Club for the TOUR Championship and each year I come away with new ideas and new techniques to make my course better. This year was no exception and one of the new ideas that I came away with was the addition of LED light bars to some of our equipment. When you have to begin preparing the golf course before the sun comes up then sometimes you have to find a way to…light up the night.

We begin our work day at 6:00, and sometimes earlier, so finding a way to add needed lighting to our equipment was a must. After a quick search on the wonderful internet we found these LED light bars. Mitch and Bill spent a couple of rainy days working to install them. On our Toro top dresser we installed this 34″ LED light bar facing forward.

This is a 24″ LED light bar that was placed on the side of the roll cage of the topdresser to light up where the sand is being applied to the greens. This will help so we don’t wind up skipping or overlapping topdressing sand on the greens.

With the lights installed we can now light up the entire green and see exactly where we are going and where we have been.

Mitch and Bill also installed a 24″ light bar on my cart to see how it was worked and I have to say it works great. Time will tell if it drains the batteries any faster than the standard equipped lights of the Carry All but we are only using them for such a short period of time I doubt it will be an issue.

Here is a shot of the putting green being lit up with the LED bar from by cart and it will allow us to see everything on the green early in the morning.

Thanks to Jason at East Lake for showing me this great and very economical tip to make our course better.

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