Liles and Tippit have been serving you since 1956

This year will mark the 56th year that Liles and Tippit has been serving the agricultural and turf markets. Martin Tippit, President of Liles and Tippit, Inc., reflects back to those early years and admits transition from the ag equipment business to the selling and marketing of golf and turf parts was easier than moving into the age of electronic marketing.

“Maybe it was because I was a bit younger”, said Martin Tippit, now 88 years old.

Tippit started his career with Glen Liles and they formed Liles and Tippit Inc., a Case Farm Implement dealer located in Collierville Tennessee. By the late 1960s and early 1970s, the use of golf carts, and specialized turf equipment began rapidly increasing in the United States and at the same time Liles and Tippit were looking to diversify their business. This decision to move into the growing golf course market really paid off because at the same time the farm industry hit some low economic down turns in the early 1980s but by then Liles and Tippit had positioned themselves as a major supplier of golf course and turf equipment repair parts nationwide. Liles and Tippit known for personal service and attention to details established a loyal customer base over that 56 year history.

“Answering the telephone on the first ring, with yes m’am and yes sir made our customers feel right a home, everyone knew each other on a first name basis”, said Tippit. “We were always there to offer help no matter how big or small the issues were”.

March 2012 has launched a new era with Liles and Tippit as work is now underway to develop a web site, electronic correspondence and placement of ads in publications. One thing is still for certain, Martin Tippit will continue to insist on customer service being done the “old fashioned way” with that personal touch.

Liles & Tippit sell products to the turfgrass professional. These products include replacement parts and golf course accessories.

Liles and Tippit have been serving you since 1956.

For additional information contact:
Don Cotton – President
Tony Tredente – Marketing

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