Magnation Water Treatment: A Proven Way for Golf Courses to Reduce Water Usage and Save Money (May 6)

May 6, 2015 – May 6, 2015– The results of a controlled study conducted in the greenhouses of Olds College, a long-established agricultural institution located in Alberta, Canada, suggest that innovative solutions for golf course upkeep need not be expensive nor complex. “The Effects of Magnet Treated Irrigation Water on Kentucky Bluegrass in a Greenhouse Environment” – documents the use of a magnetized irrigation treatment on Kentucky Bluegrass turf that resulted in a 20% reduction of the amount of water needed to sustain healthy turf.

To keep turfgrass healthy and beautiful, golf courses are at the mercy of water; the need is high and continuous. During times of drought conditions, such as the current water shortages in states like California, Nevada and Arizona, golf course owners and superintendents are seeking new solutions to help them reduce the amount of water needed to sustain their grounds. The serious lack of rain in these and other parts of the U.S. is predicted to only worsen in coming years.

In the United States alone, around 2.08 billion gallons of water per day are applied to golf courses for irrigation purposes. Based on that number, an estimated 151,840 BILLION gallons of water could be saved annually by using a quality magnetized water treatment. The study assessed claims made by Magnation Water Technologies of Oakland, CA, to determine the validity of the company’s own claims and data regarding magnet-treated water. Although the effects of this treatment can be considered across a variety of agricultural industries, the Olds College study specifically focused on the effects and benefits relevant to turfgrass and golf courses.

A 30-year veteran of golf course management is now convinced

“Being a golf course superintendent for 30 years, I was somewhat skeptical at first,” said Dean Piller, Superintendent of the Cordova Bay Golf Course on Vancouver Island, B.C. “So I decided to run a few informal tests here at Cordova Bay before I made any real investment in the products, and I was happily surprised at the results we got. With the Magnation treatment, soil moisture and overall chemistry was enhanced, hydra-phobic turf was restored to a healthy state and dry patches disappeared. Then, when we installed Magnation pump station magnets for both of my golf courses, the results were really impressive. Last summer, during one of the hottest and driest seasons on record, we considerably reduced the amount of water used with Magnation. Our irrigation daily run times were 80,000 gallons less per night; a 2.5 million gallons savings of water per month. Not only did it enhance our soil chemistry, it reduced our irrigation requirements by 20%.”

According to Mike Jenzeh, President of Magnation Water Technologies, “Since we launched Magnation in 2008, there certainly have been skeptics and people who are resistant to this concept … that is, until they try the water treatments on their own turf and courses. It turns out that this is a golf course superintendent’s dream come true! Magnation is a very easily-installed, low-cost, environmentally-respectful solution that works … plain and simple. Our actual customer-based field studies and scientifically researched data repeatedly offer evidence that magnetized water treatment saves water, reduces chemical usage, and lowers energy consumption.”

It’s not magic, it’s science
In normal or non-magnetized water, the water molecule clusters comprised of many water molecules, are loosely attracted. The large structure of these water molecule clusters blocks large portions of these clusters when they pass through the cell membrane of a plant – in this case turf. This is why, to hydrate golf course turf, a great deal of water is required.

Magnetic treatment of water restructures the water molecules into very small clusters, each made up of six symmetrically organized molecules. This tiny and uniform cluster can easily enter passageways in turf cell membranes, hydrating the turf more quickly and effectively. In addition, toxic agents cannot enter the MW structure as they can with normal water, making MW a bio-friendly compound for turf. Numerous scientific studies, conducted over the two decades, have demonstrated that MW for irrigation can improve water productivity, thus conserving water supplies. Magnetized water is also reportedly effective at preventing and removing scale deposits in pipes and water-containing structures.

“With mounting evidence that this treatment can help golf courses reduce their water consumption, it just makes sense for people to consider something other than the conventional solutions,” said Piller. “There’s almost no down side to trying this approach; using Magnation Water Technologies is truly a game changer for golf courses.”

About Magnation Water Technologies
Designed and manufactured in the United States with finest quality materials, Magnation Water Technologies offers powerfully elegant and clean solutions to save water, heighten energy efficiency, enhance soil and plant health, reduce fertilizer and chemical use, eliminate maintenance, and extend the longevity of turf and agricultural equipment. Field and independent research studies have demonstrated maximized water utilization and improved productivity with the use of Magnation water treatments. For further information please visit

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