New Roller Mowers For Professional Turf Maintenance

Turf Pride Reel Mower

Turf Pride LLC introduces new roller mowers for professional turf maintenance. Available in 11’ 15’ and 17’ tow-behind models and 3-point hitch versions. Features include full width rubberized rear roller and offset front casters for trimming around bunkers and cart paths. The Turf Pride roller mower achieves incredible cut and striping action. When turning with the Turf Pride roller mower, they will not damage the turf or cause premature wear of front roller bearings.

Turf Pride Hang Over feature for trimming bunkers and water hazards
Turf Pride Hang Over feature for trimming bunkers and water hazards

“Along with the proven performance, durability, and a great history, we are adding the roller mower models along with 3-Point hitch versions in 143”, 157” and 172”. The 157” has an offset hitch providing close cuts around trees and bushes, greatly improving productivity and reduce the need for a string trimmer.” said Don Cotton, President of Turf Pride. Choice of colors remains a feature of all rotary mowers manufactured by Turf Pride Mowers; the mowers also include the new Fine Thatch blades, a new concept in rotary blades with reversible and replaceable blade tips. Finest cut to grass and turning clippings to dust all in one pass.

About Turf Pride

Turf Pride LLC manufactures products for the turfgrass professional. Turf Pride strives for excellence and ingenuity, providing innovative designs and engineering for turf equipment. The products include the original and preferred Core Collectors, deep tine aerators, Roller Tamer, reel and bed knife sharpeners, Thatcher Eliminator units, bed knives, rollers and replacement parts. For more information, visit

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