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Nordic Plow LLC created a series of patented CORE SOLUTIONS designed to assist the superintendent or groundskeeper in getting his course or field ready for play quicker than ever before, in a manner that’s easier on the turf, his personnel and his budget. Our most popular CORE SOLUTION attaches to the Toro ProCore 648 and ProCore 864, allowing one man to do the job of 3 to 4 men, and in half the time. The smooth edge glides over the turf’s surface and gathers the core plugs cleanly, allowing the operator to drop them neatly whenever he stops aerating. This eliminates the back-breaking shovel technique or the time-consuming blowers. Because it attaches directly to the aerator, you reduce the heavy footprint other equipment would cause to your greens, especially on wet surfaces.

We are pleased to introduce a new line of CORE SOLUTIONS for use on bunker rakes & tri-deck mowers. Utilizing the same smooth edge found on our ProCore 648 & 864 version, this version is 64-inch-wide and can be used on infield and outfield grass at ball parks, soccer or football fields, as well as fairways. Imagine following the Toro 1298 or similar aerator down a fairway with 2 bunker rakes gathering the cores up in its wake – over 10’ of clearing power! No longer do you have to wait for them to dry, then blow them off the fairways, and then gather them. Cutting your staff’s time in half will not only save your budget, but it will get the course or field open quicker to increase revenue faster than ever before.

For those of you who must clear snow, Nordic Plow has unique products for you as well. Our patented rounded edge plow blade can attach to your turf equipment & bunker rakes, UTV’s and ATV in widths of 49” or 64” inch widths. Perfect for use on sensitive surfaces, such as tarps, running tracks or ornamental-brick sidewalks, our edge won’t harm the surface. We also offer a rounded and/or sharp edge pusher we call the Perfect Shovel (24’, 36” & 48” wide) which reduces back issues due to its ergonomically designed handle and adjustable angles. In addition, we offer a variety of plow blade which mount to golf carts (currently Club Car & EZGO), and Zero-Turn mowers.

Field tested and in use by golf courses, major league stadiums and universities around the world, the patented rounded edge is safe for any turf, tarp or surface you don’t want to tear or rip up. Our CORE SOLUTIONS line of products is sold primarily through Toro and other fine distributors around the world and used on greens, tee boxes, fairways and sports fields. We attach to most brands of aerators & equipment available. For more information, contact your local Toro dealer or us directly at for more information.

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